Swim Lessons
Private, Semi-Private and Group options available.
Group Lessons

Group lessons will be 30 minutes long and comprised of 3 to 5 swimmers. Lessons will run Monday thru Thursday with Friday being the makeup day. Lessons are only for members and cost $60 per session. We will not be running any nonmember group lessons for the summer of 2024

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Private Lessons

Private lessons are designed to give your swimmer 100% of the instructors attention. Semi-private lessons are smaller groups (2 children) that share 1 instructor. These groups are created by you! These groups usually consist of siblings, friends, and other family members. You will have the opportunity to specify your preference for the instructor. If you do not have a preference, we will find you an instructor!


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Private / Semi-Private Lessons
Swimmer Levels
Use these guidelines to best determine your swimmer's level. Children must be able to complete everything listed before moving up to the next level. We will evaluate and make adjustments as necessary at the first lesson in the session.


-Enter/Exit Water unassisted -Roll over from front to back supported
-Step into chest deep water without support -Front glide with kick supported
-Submerge face with 3 seconds -Front crawl Arm action
-Blow bubbles through Mouth and Nose for 5 seconds -Flutter kick on front for 10 yds
-Submerge and retrieve object held at arm’s length -Backstroke Arm Action
-Front Float supported for 10 sec. -Flutter kick on Back 10 yds
-Back Float supported for 10 sec. -Jump in feet first assisted



-Rhythmic Bobbing fully submerged 10 times -Flutter kick on front for 15 yds
-Retrieve object in shallow end with eyes open/goggles -Unsupported Front Crawl combined stroke for 10 ydsΒ 
-Front float unsupported for 5 sec. -Backstroke arm action
-Back float unsupported for 5 sec. -Flutter kick on Back for 15 yds
-Rolling over from front to back unsupported -Unsupported Backstroke combined stroke for 10yds
-Front glide with kick for 5 yds -Jump in deep water unassisted
-Back glide with kick for 5 yds -Tread water for 30 seconds
-Front Crawl arm action -Dive from a sitting or kneeling position


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