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Stingray Cafe Bucks

Purchase pre-paid credit and we’ll add it to your account! Can be used by Members Only for at the Snack Shack OR for Group Swim Lessons.

$25 Stingray Cafe bucks - $25.00
$50 Stingray Cafe bucks - $50.00
$100 Stingray Cafe bucks - $100.00
$150 Stingray Cafe bucks - $150.00
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Caregiver Fee

A caregiver can enter the pool with the dependent children or with the primary members AND dependent children; a caregiver cannot come to the pool by themselves or with primary members only. Each membership is allowed only one caregiver per season. Caregivers are unable to bring guests to the pool.

Price: $100.00
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Guest Passes

Pre-pay for your guests and we’ll add the passes to your account.

5 Guests - $50.00
10 Guests - $95.00
15 Guests - $140.00
20 Guests - $190.00
25 guests - $240.00
30 Guests - $290.00
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