Hammond Pool Operational Rules and Membership Requirements

A. DEFINITIONS. As used in these Rules, the term “Member” has the meaning set forth in Art. III, Section 1 of the Bylaws, and includes the Member and the Joint Member. For purposes of these Rules only, “Member” also includes Guests of the Board. “Member’s family” includes the Member, the Member’s children, and persons residing permanently in the Members household who have been afforded the privileges of the pool pursuant to Art. III, Section 1(D) of the Bylaws, and House Guests, as defined in Section VII of these Rules. “Pool manager” includes, in the manager’s absence, the acting manager and/or assistant manager. “Pool area” means those areas of the pool property that are within the fence.

B. AUTHORITY OF THE POOL MANAGER. When the pool is open, the Pool manager has complete authority over the pool area and surrounding pool property. All persons on the premises, including Members, their families and guests, and pool employees, are subject tothe manager’s interpretation of the Rules.

C. OPERATING SCHEDULE. The pool will be open for general use throughout the swimming season during the hours fixed by the Board of Directors. Periods for special events, during which general usage may be limited, will be decided on an as-needed basis by the Board of Directors and announced to members one week before the limited availability occurs. Hours of operation will be posted on the pool website and at the pool. The Pool manager or, in the (manager’s absence, the acting manager and/or assistant manager) has the authority to close the pool at any time for reasons of health, safety, maintenance or inclement weather. Advance notice of such closing will be posted on the pool website, social media and/or at the pool when it is possible to do so, time permitting.

D. ADMISSION TO THE POOL AREA. The following are the rules for admission to the pool area during hours when the pool is open to the general membership:

1. All Members and persons in the Member’s family must identify themselves to allow confirmation of valid membership upon entering the pool area.

2. The Board of Directors requires that each Primary Member, Co-Primary and Dependents have a photo in the Member’s online account prior to entry to the pool grounds. Photos will be taken by pool staff at the front desk.

3. A Member bringing guests to the pool must register each guest’s name upon entering the pool area, and pay the guest fee set by the Board of Directors. A schedule of guest fees will be posted at the pool. Any member bringing more than 8 non-member guests to the pool must notify the Pool Manager 24 hours in advance to allow time to arrange adequate staffing.

4. Except as provided in Rule 7, no guest may remain on the premises if the Member is not present. Guest privileges are subject to the discretion of the pool manager.

5. Childcare providers of a Member may be admitted only when accompanied by the children of the Member. The Member by whom the childcare provider is employed must submit the name and date of birth of the childcare provider prior to the first visit of the childcare provider to the pool. The Board of Directors will establish a special annual fee for childcare providers.

6. A childcare provider may only enter the pool with the children of the Member they are employed by. A childcare provider cannot bring guests to the pool and cannot enter the pool by themselves.

7. Children of Members may be admitted to the pool unaccompanied by an adult or day-care provider if:

a. The child is the age of twelve (12) or older, and
b. The pool manager determines, in his or her discretion, that the child is capable of handling himself or herself in a responsible manner in and around the pool.

     8. Children twelve (12) and under may not sponsor a guest on their own. Only           a member over the age of twelve may sponsor a guest.

9. The pool manager has the authority to require that any child admitted to the pool perform a standard test to determine the child’s water safety status. Children ten years old and younger must be supervised by a person fifteen (15) years old or older.

10. When the pool is open for special events, admission to the pool will be in accordance with rules established by the Board of Directors. A schedule of special events will be posted at the pool at least one week in advance of the event.

11. Private parties requests must be submitted to the manager at least two weeks in advance of the event. Final approval of the request may be subject to a decision by the Board of Directors. Requests for after-hours parties must be brought before the Board of Directors and cannot be approved by the pool manager alone. No person under the legal drinking age, other than a pool employee on duty during the event, may be present during after-hours parties when alcohol is available.

E. PARKING FACILITIES Persons using the pool must park on pool property in designated spots. Parking on the street in front of neighboring residences should be avoided. Be aware of neighbors driveways and hydrants when parking on the street. 

F. CHANGING MEMBERSHIP STATUS The deadline to change membership status is May 1. If the Member does not change status prior to the deadline, depending on the membership type, the invoiced amount may be deducted from any reimbursable amount upon termination of membership.

G. CHANGES. These Operational Rules and Membership Requirements can be changed only by the Rules and Bylaws Committee of Hammond Park Recreation, Inc., in accordance with; Art. VI; and Art. VII, Sec. 3 of the Bylaws.

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